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Iman Jafari
Iman Jafari
May 30, 2023
I had the absolute pleasure of working with ContactOne Incorporation for our business registration in Singapore, and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. Our main point of contact, Tricia, was the epitome of professionalism. Not only was she quick to respond to our many queries, but her comprehensive knowledge and clear communication made the experience feel almost effortless. Tricia's unwavering dedication to customer service is evident in the quality and timeliness of her responses, setting the bar high for the industry standard. The team at ContactOne demonstrated a deep understanding of Singapore's corporate regulations and the registration process, which was instrumental in accelerating the typically time-consuming process. They swiftly handled every aspect of the registration, allowing us to focus on the bigger picture - planning and running our business.
Alex Ng
Alex Ng
July 1, 2022
We have been using ContactOne's services for the past 5 years and they have always been satisfactory. Tricia from ContactOne recently helped us incorporate a JV, and was responsive throughout the process, making it simple and easy. Cheers for the good services!
Yoke Ping Lim
Yoke Ping Lim
May 25, 2022
The staff is very helpful and service is fast. Excellent!
Patrick Juay
Patrick Juay
May 4, 2022
I would like to commend Tricia Lam for her fast responses and helpfulness to answer any and all of my queries, even if she doesn't know the answer. Kudos Tricia. Keep it up!!
Thong Yew Tai
Thong Yew Tai
April 22, 2022
Tricia from ContactOne handled the whole process smoothly and professionally. Not only did she address our concerns with ease, she also made sure everything was in order with timely updates. Thank you! For new business owners do give them a go! Packages are reasonably priced too !
Velva Beauty
Velva Beauty
April 20, 2022
We have engaged ContactOne for business incorporation and corporate secretary services. They are professional and prompt in their services.
KylieChua Liu
KylieChua Liu
March 29, 2022
Many Thanks to Tricia for assisting to incorporate the Company in a breeze. We have a wonderful working together with her!
Daniel Ong
Daniel Ong
March 24, 2022
The Goodhousecleaners Pte Ltd, recently incorporated, was looking for a corporate secretary. We stumbled upon ContactOne and did a random call. It was professionally picked up by a particular, Tricia Lam. Her patience in explaining to us the procedures with no frills, no hidden cost/agenda, caught our attention. To be frank, right from the very first contact, we had already decided to move with ContactOne. Now that our incorporation is complete, we are thankful for Tricia and ContactOne for making the experience a easy-peasy one. We look forward to working with Tricia and ContactOne when the need arises....... Cheers!!from the team at The Goodhousecleaners _ Daniel Ong, Victor Ong & Susan Wei

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Our Price

For Company that is dormant since incorporation date and is less than 18 months old
From $330
For Company that is dormant since incorporation date and is more than 18 months old
From $330
For Active Companies that are ceasing businesses

Company De-Registration / Strike-Off

When you decide to cease business operations, it is often advisable to close down the company if you know for certain that you will not be doing any business with the company in the near future. In most cases, if there are no outstanding liabilities or creditors at the end of the business, what you can do is engage a service provider to assist in the de-registration or strike-off of the Company’s name from the registrar. If there are debts which you are unable to pay off at the end of the business, a winding up process is required.

Striking off a Company typically is a much less lengthy and much less complicated process compared to a winding up process. The entire strike off process typically takes approximately less than 6 months to be finalized.

If you would like to maintain the Company without doing any business, please note that you will still need to fulfill the statutory obligations of filing your Annual Return to ACRA every year, regardless of whether the Company is active or dormant. You may also inform IRAS of your business cessation so that you would not need to file for your company taxes for periods where the Company is dormant, otherwise, you will still be obliged to file for the taxes every year.

Helping out with the striking off of a company

ContactOne Professional Services is able to assist you in the striking off of your Company should you decide to close down your Company. The process typically involves our assistance in finding out your compliance commitments as well as helping you ascertain if all the assets and liabilities of the Company has been properly disposed prior to the strike off.

In order to satisfactorily strike off a Company, there are a few requirements to be met before the actual strike-off application:

  • The directors and owners of the Company consent to the strike-off.
  • All assets and liabilities of the Company are already disposed.
  • The Company has no contingent liabilities or outstanding commitments (example: tenancy commitments, outstanding contracts to fulfill)
  • The company bank accounts are all closed.
  • The accounts up to the date of business cessation are done up
  • Tax computation and submissions are made to IRAS
  • Settlement of outstanding and current taxes owed to IRAS.

The entire strike off cycle

The entire strike off cycle, including finalization of company last accounts, tax submission, strike off application and strike off confirmation, varies for each company. Some of the factors affecting the duration of how soon you can close down your company includes:

  • Age of the Company
  • ACRA return status of the Company
  • Company tax return status of the Company
  • Financial health of the Company
  • Settlement of outstanding commitments with external creditors, landlords, etc…

Let us know the general status of your Company as well as some essential information about your company and we will contact you within one working day.

Company Strike Off Service Fees from $330

+65 8666 3633 (Company Registration and Secretarial matters)

+65 8877 2223  (AGM and Annual Return Filing)

+65 8813 3833  (Accounting and Tax matters)