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Who We Are

ContactOne Professional Services is a premier Singapore based firm that provides company incorporation, business formation, corporate secretarial, compliance management, accounting and taxation, payroll management, as well as other corporate administrative services for startups and small to medium enterprises. We are located centrally in North Bridge Centre, within the central business district of Singapore.

A Brief History of our Company

A Brief History of our Company

Founded in November 2009, our very first workspace was actually home-based with 2 used laptops, shared by our highly motivated young founders, and a brand new desktop printer. Our humble origins did not deter us from dreaming and striving to become a major player in the corporate service sector serving existing and would-be entrepreneurs. Adopting innovative marketing strategies, adhering to a value based pricing approach, and leveraging on technologies which improves efficiency, ContactOne swiftly expanded within 6 months of operations and we achieved our first few milestones that includes

Recouping our initial capital

Securing a proper office in the Central Area of Singapore

Having enough new computers

Since then, we have continued to work hard and smart to expand our client base and improve on our market presence. Our insistence on making a difference to our clients, through our honest, friendly and practical approach meant that most of our clients leave with a smile, knowing that their matters are in good hands. To date, we are delighted to have served thousands of satisfied clients who have continued their relationship with ContactOne through their service renewals with us. ContactOne is now a well-known firm and is a definite firm favourite with many local entrepreneurs and at the same time, has gained international clients across the globe with clients coming to us from the likes of United States, China, South Africa, Middle East, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Japan. We hope that our little story can touch the innate entrepreneurial spirit in you and that in time to come, you will be the one sharing your story with many others, including us.

We Are Going Global


Since our foundation in 2009, we have grown to be one of the most reliable corporate service providers in Singapore. We started as home-based workers in the country with two used laptops. We have since served over 10.000 entrepreneurs from Singapore, Malaysia, United States, China, Japan, United Kingdom, France, and more!

Let’s face it, managing a corporate entity from its fruition to the actual operations is challenging and time-consuming. That is why some aspiring entrepreneurs seek assistance from professionals to accomplish specific tasks more quickly. If you’re looking for the best corporate service provider in Singapore, you can never go wrong with ContactOne. For more questions, feel free to contact us at +65 6333 0633
or chat on WhatsApp +65 8666 3633

Our Leaders

Each of us has absolute faith in the competencies and strengths of the other two partners…And all of us have the absolute belief that our business model will deliver the best value for every client who walks into ourAnd we still feel and think the same way after 5 years in the business (having served thousands of happy clients}…And that is why we come to ContactOne with a smile on our face knowing we are doing the right thing everyday.

RYAN is ...

the guy who is tasked with ensuring we stay current and competitive in the market

TONY is ...

the guy who is a walking encyclopedia in Singapore business startups

EDMUND is ...

the guy who looks for new business ventures to add on to the ContactOne portfolio

Our Mission

Assisting and Growing with our Clients

Our Vision

Real People, Real Difference

Our Principles


We believe that being honest is the most important ingredient in building your trust in us.

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We present our solutions and costs in the most transparent manner to let our customers understand clearly what and how much they are getting out of the deal.

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We believe that personalisation of service is an integral part of any service oriented business (and not a unique selling point). We will appoint a designated account manager who has access to all available resources for your project and account because we manage and treat your business like our own.

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We understand the importance of listening to you to fully understand your needs and constantly improve on our service deliverance to you and at the same time provide you with important updates and advice which could affect your business operations.

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In the ever-changing commercial landscape where businesses are continuously impacted by effects of change to any fiscal, financial and political positions, we strive to keep pace with the changes to provide you with the required level of needs via continuous learning and expansion of our network of valued partners.

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Value Creation

Our business always begins with what we can do for you, the valued customer. We strive to commensurate value creation with fair pricing to maximise the value retention for you.

Look no further for your incorporation!