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We are a professional firm approved by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”) of Singapore to act on behalf of our clients in their company registration and secretarial lodgement needs.


Our sincere, patient and practical approach has proven to be a differentiator when potential clients decided to engage our services.


We take pride in performing our jobs with honesty towards our clients. We are being honest here. We are not a perfect company. We DO make mistakes from time to time; and when mistakes arise because of what we have done, we do our best to rectify the situation, if we are responsible for them. We do not evade the issue and pass off the error. This is our promise to all our clients.


Our service fees are decided not by what other service providers are charging, but through a value-based approach which we believe, will maximize the value our clients receive for the fee they pay. We have persisted with this model as we were once new to running a business too, and we recognize the importance of finding the right helpers at the correct fee will go a long way in keeping things moving when the going gets tough during the early or critical stages of your business.


Our open minded approach meant that we often share our experience and knowledge with our clients to enhance their understanding of their regulatory obligations. Likewise, we have gained invaluable insights from clients who have exchange ideas with our team. This approach has allowed ContactOne Professional Services to grow together with our clients.


We must have done some good things and there is a real sense of satisfaction when we were nominated, and subsequently accepted as a business luminary of the prestigious Promising SME 500 for 2014, a campaign to recognize exceptional achievements of entrepreneurs, with emphasis placed on business success and contribution to the economy and community at large. Additionally, we have been further recognized by OCBC Bank as a platinum/gold partner for the last few years running.


Our intimate connections with key service providers and banking institutions enabled our clients to achieve a one-stop service experience during their company start up stage. Key essential services like bank account opening, printing of name cards, company logo design, and web development can be easily accessed via ContactOne.


For new entrepreneurs who are setting up their company for the first time, we take time to answer your questions and clear your doubts to ensure you are aware of the basic requirements of running a company. Our patient approach has proven to be beneficial for many first time clients who were more than pleased to have a clearer picture of their obligations and commitments.

For seasoned entrepreneurs who do not require start-up guidance, we can incorporate your company within 30-45 minutes if the required documentation is in order.

If you are busy and in a rush, you will only need to spend 5 minutes in our office to provide us with the required documentation and verification and we will incorporate your company for you later in the day, or at a preferred date you have chosen.


Our service fees are transparent with no hidden fees. We are upfront and confident that you will find that our fees are one of the most competitive in the market. In fact, when you look at the overall fee rates, we may be the most attractive option amongst the leading firms in the market.


Our services encompass the startup of your company, assistance in compliance obligations, managing your accounts and taxes, corporate administration and in some cases, processing business cessation. Our extensive network with key affiliates enables you to tap on to the expertise that our valued partners have in their respective area of specialization.


Our typical response time to emails or messages that we receive is usually within the day of receipt or within the next working day