What happens if I am late for GST Filing?

In this article, you will learn about what happens when you are late for payment or filing for your GST returns.

Non/late submission of GST return
IRAS may impose penalty of $200 per month for each month that the return remains outstanding (capped at $10,000 for each outstanding return).

IRAS may issue an estimated assessment of the tax due and the amount is subject to late payment penalties. The estimated assessment will only be revised upon receipt of GST return. The late payment penalty will be revised accordingly.

Non/Late Payment
A 5% penalty will be levied on the amount of tax unpaid by the due date and an additional penalty of 2% per month on tax remaining unpaid after 60 days from the due date of the prescribed accounting period (capped at a maximum of 50% of the outstanding tax) may also be imposed.

What Happens when you ignore a Demand Note from IRAS
In the event that Demand Note is raised by IRAS to you, informing you of the tax and penalty payments, should you not pay before the due date, IRAS may proceed to:

  • Appoint your Bank to pay the money on your behalf (this means that money will be paid out of your bank account for the amounts owed to IRAS, without your explicit approval)
  • Issue a travel restriction against you from leaving Singapore
  • Impose further penalties (additional 2% per month)
  • Take legal action against you