Registered Filing Agent Traits and Qualifications to Look Out For

A filing agent is an essential member of every company in Singapore because they ensure easy compliance with business requirements mandated by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). While it can be a handful of things managing a business, a registered filing agent makes everything easier by taking care of some transactions on behalf of the company. That is why business owners should be hands-on in finding a filing agent to trust their business’s transactions, especially compliance with ACRA.

How to Choose the Registered Filing Agent That’s Right for You

When choosing a filing agent to work with in Singapore, certain qualities should be considered. Apart from the track record, other factors must be closely examined. Even if a filing agent excels based on paper, it does not guarantee anything but their work ethic and how good they are at doing the technicalities of the job. A true test of character reveals grace under pressure.

Find out below the characteristics a filing agent in Singapore should embody. Continue reading the list!

  • Reputation Tells Many Things About a Registered Filing Agent

    Simply put, a positive reputation attracts more customers, drives better employment, and leads to great profitability. Many companies overlook the process, even if it is easy to understand the relationship between a positive reputation and a successful business. In terms of a registered filing agent’s job, it is essential to recognize the how rather than the what. It means that assessing a registered agent must rely on the work they put into their craft that yields excellent outcomes, instead of the results only.

    The thing about reputation is that it is established over time. When business owners look for filing agents in Singapore, they should take note of previous clientele experiences that are essentially the building blocks of reputation developed through the years. Get to know your agent by engaging with them and doing a background check. Talking to their clients is also an effective way to learn about who they are and what they can do to help your business.

  • Experience Is Non-Negotiable When Looking for a Filing Agent

    As mentioned, client experience is a testament to a registered filing agent’s range. It tells many things about what they can and cannot do. Amidst many options for filing agents for hire in Singapore, selecting the right one for your organisation must come from a place of need. Understand your business’s needs and requirements before investing some of your resources in business solutions.

    In the case of startups, they must work with a seasoned filing agent. New businesses must start from scratch, making compliance with statutory requirements challenging. With an experienced filing agent at the helm, beating ACRA deadlines for filing becomes easier.

    On the other hand, established businesses that found their way around the filing process may not need a filing agent’s service as much as smaller businesses. It is still necessary to have someone onboard that knows the ins and outs of Singapore’s business laws.

  • Today’s Filing Agents Must Be Tech-Savvies

    Today’s absolute measurement of competence in the business industry does not solely revolve around knowledge, skills, and experience. As the world progress, new technologies are also becoming more sophisticated. Companies should keep up and integrate innovations into their processes. Filing agents, too, have to be tech-savvies, so they won’t be left behind.

    Apart from manually filing business documents with ACRA, a few automated platforms are used to submit papers online. Technologies make every business process faster and easier, saving you time and effort. Using the benefits of technology as an advantage can lead to more groundbreaking results. A Singapore business should look closely at technology proficiency when hiring a filing agent.

  • The Ability to Reduce Costs Is the True Clincher

    Service rates either make or break the deal. When it comes to the costs a filing agent incurs in the execution of services, do not second guess your way around it. Before closing the deal, ensure an open discussion with your provider. Transparency is non-negotiable because you must be part of every action your filing agent makes on behalf of your business.

    As soon as you tick off all this from the list, everything about your business’s compliance will be more straightforward. With that, you can focus on growing your business more than ever. Entrusting your statutory filing with an agent is one of the most crucial steps when aiming for breakthroughs. Do not hesitate to take your time finding a suitable registered filing agent for you.

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