ACRA’s Requirements for Annual Return Filing

Compliance with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory or ACRA is of utmost importance for businesses operating in Singapore. ACRA is the national regulator overseeing company registration, financial reporting, and corporate governance. By adhering to ACRA’s regulations, businesses not only fulfil their legal obligations but also establish credibility, gain investor confidence, and contribute to a transparent and stable business environment in Singapore.

When it comes to ACRA’s annual return filing, there are specific requirements. To ensure compliance and adherence to Singapore’s business landscape standards, businesses must complete these requirements. Besides that, keeping in line with the requirements prevents ACRA’s annual return penalty.

Here are the requirements when a company files for an annual return in Singapore:

  • Filing Deadline

    Singaporean companies must submit their annual returns to ACRA within one month of their Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM itself must be conducted within six months from the end of the company’s financial year. This ensures companies provide timely updates on their financial status and operations to ACRA.

    The prompt submission of annual returns and conducting AGMs within the stipulated timeframe play a vital role in promoting transparency and accountability in the corporate landscape. By adhering to these deadlines, companies provide timely information to ACRA, allowing regulatory authorities, shareholders, and other stakeholders access to accurate and up-to-date financial data. This facilitates effective decision-making, fosters investor confidence, and enhances Singapore’s business ecosystem’s overall governance and credibility.

  • Financial Statements

    Companies must include their financial statements, encompassing the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and any accompanying notes. The financial statements must adhere to the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS) or the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to ensure consistency, comparability, and accuracy in financial reporting.

    When preparing financial statements for annual return filing, adhering to SFRS or IFRS is essential because it provides a standardised framework that enhances the reliability and comparability of financial information. Companies can present their financial position, performance, and cash flows consistently and transparently when they comply with the established accounting standards.

    Moreover, adhering to the standards enables investors, creditors, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions, assess the company’s financial health, and facilitate meaningful comparisons across different organisations, ultimately strengthening the integrity and trustworthiness of financial reporting in Singapore.

  • Information Disclosure

    The annual return serves as a comprehensive update on the company’s information. It should contain accurate and up-to-date details such as the registered address, shareholders’ particulars, directors’ particulars, and the company’s financial year-end date. Suppose there have been any changes to these particulars. In that case, it is important to reflect them in the annual return to ensure that ACRA and other stakeholders can access the latest and most relevant information about the company.

    Accurate and up-to-date information in the annual return is crucial for maintaining transparency and facilitating effective communication with ACRA and other stakeholders. Also, this information serves as the key reference point for regulatory compliance, investor relations, and legal matters. Reflecting any changes in these particulars ensures that ACRA and stakeholders have the most current information, enabling efficient communication, decision-making, and regulatory oversight to foster trust, accountability, and a well-informed business environment in Singapore.

  • Compliance Declaration

    The annual return requires a compliance declaration, which a director or the company secretary must sign. This declaration affirms that the company has complied with the requirements stated in the Companies Act and confirms that the financial statements present an accurate and fair view of the company’s financial position. Including a compliance declaration in the annual return underscores the commitment of companies in Singapore to uphold the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

    By signing the declaration, directors or the company secretary affirm that the company has fulfilled its obligations under the Companies Act and has maintained accurate financial records, instilling confidence in stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and business partners. Aside from that, it demonstrates the company’s dedication to ethical practices, sound governance, and the presentation of reliable financial information and reinforces the integrity of the company’s operations and strengthens its reputation in the business community.

  • Filing Fee

    The filing fee accompanying the annual return submission is a necessary contribution towards ACRA’s administrative and regulatory functions. The specific fee amount is determined based on factors such as the type and size of the company. ACRA’s electronic filing system provides a convenient and efficient platform for companies to make their payments.

    When paying the filing fee, companies support ACRA’s efforts in processing and maintaining accurate company records, ensuring a well-functioning regulatory framework that benefits the business community as a whole. It also reinforces the importance of financial responsibility and compliance with regulatory requirements in Singapore’s business environment.

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